Salco Italia

Since 60 years we have a high experience in the production of women’s outerwear (jackets, raincoats, coats, down jackets).

SALCO is an Italian company that has high experience in the manufacture of outerwear. Founded by Ricciotti Salvadori in 1951 in Empoli, then “homeland” of the Italian raincoat, it is still controlled and directed by Stefano Salvadori, Ricciotti’s grandson.

In its early years SALCO has distinguished itself in the production of raincoats for men, reaching an important position in the Italian market. Salco was even sponsor of the Italian national football team during the World Cup of 1958, providing the raincoats for the whole team. Every step of production – from modeling to cutting, from sewing to ironing – took place entirely within the company, with fabrics from the district of Como.

The proposed models were initially two: single-breasted and double-breasted trench raincoat, winter and summer versions. In 1967 Paolo Salvadori, eldest son of Ricciotti, joined the company with commercial tasks. In the 70s the company knows its moment of maximum development: the employees are about 300, the turnover reaches 10 billion Italian Lire and the proposed models have become fifteen.

The 80s represent a turning point for SALCO, which begins to benefit from the assistance of outside designers and by the end of the decade gradually transforms its product, focusing on the production of women’s outerwear (jackets, raincoats, overcoats, down coats, etc.).

The 90s marks the entrance of SALCO in the international market, with the first exports to Japan and in the Russian market. The company also begins to produce exclusively women’s collections and starts to put on the production of coats enriched by precious fur inserts. In the 2000s the product development comes to an end: nowadaysit includes various types of outerwear to meet the needs of heterogeneous female customers.

The late 2000s also saw the entry in the company of Stefano Salvadori, current CEO, third generation of entrepeneurs of the family.

Today SALCO is based in Milan, the fashion capital, in via Della Spiga 7 with the stylistic and sales management, the marketing department and the showroom. Logistics and prototypes are still in the historic location of Empoli.